Megan Fox is NOT the next Angelina Jolie

If you have ever googled: Megan Fox plastic surgery … don’t worry so have 90 000 other people. I find it exceedingly disturbing that a lot of people have dubbed Megan Fox as the next Angelina Jolie. Should we be celebrating the comparison of these celebrities? I don’t think so.

Nowadays it doesn’t take much to be considered a celebrity. Fame seems to yap at the heels of the rich and beautiful, with heiresses and reality TV stars alike spilling over onto the red carpet. Are these people stars? With a truck-load of plastic surgery and some razzie award-winning movies on the side it seems that anybody can take on the persona of a celebrity.

Which brings me to Megan Fox. It seems that her career as an actress has peaked with her performance in Transformers as has her beauty with the aid of surgical enhancements. While Angelina Jolie’s career sparkles with Emmy nominations and Academy Award wins, Megan Fox can barely get through the door of these prestigious award shows. She has had Golden Raspberry Award nominations however, but it seems that her mediocrity as an actress can’t even win her these. Perhaps 2011 will see her hailed as worst actress of the year.

Angelina Jolie is a glamorous actress who has received wide recognition for her Humanitarian work. Megan Fox is a model at best and a celebrity at worst.  Angelina Jolie is remembered for her award-winning roles in movies like Gia, Girl Interrupted, and Changeling while Megan Fox is remembered for her portrayal of a demon-possessed cheerleader in Jennifer’s Body and her latest role in Jonah Hex which… what do you know… has been nominated for another Razzie! Angelina Jolie is a natural beauty while Megan Fox has gone from nose job to boob job to lip job. Does she look like Angelina Jolie now? Umm, maybe a little but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if she asked the surgeon wheeling her into theatre to give her the ‘Angelina’ (a medical word now used for woman wanting to look like Angelina Jolie). Fox claims that she would like to be the type of role model who teaches women what it means to be independent and intelligent. I don’t know about that but I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear of fans of Megan Fox rolling into the doctor’s office to ask about getting the Megan Fox plastic surgery.

I’m sure Megan Fox is flattered by being compared to Angelina Jolie. Angie, on the other hand, should sue anyone claiming that Megan Fox is anything like her. I guess being a celebrity nowadays has nothing to do with being a good actress. At least Megan Fox can say that she’s good at being the worst actress in Hollywood.

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